I am a small town girl. Born and raised in small town, Ohio. My dream has been to become an actress (one I gave up some time ago, to become a producer (still working on that), to direct (maybe that will happen one day), and to become a writer. Well, last year I completed the first dream after many false starts with so many beginnings of a novel I could fill a small room with them.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and was working on an M. A. until three years ago when my mother had a health scare that caused me to re-evaluate what I wanted my life to look like. Reading books and studying others theories of whether a book was Post-Modern, Post-Colonial, Marxist or a million other useful tidbits to share with others at cocktail parties lost it’s glamor to me. I do still have respect for those who study the great works of literature and their many varied attempts to define, but I finally realized that I do not belong in that field. And that’s okay because I returned to my first love, writing creatively.

Now, I can explore the hidden depths of whatever character who comes waltzing into my world. It is freeing to live the world of your imagination. There is nothing like the thrill of writing and no matter what, I think I would have become a creative writer.